ISPC Arafa Monday & Eid Al-Adha Tuesday July 20th 2021

Assalamu Alaikum Community,

A reminder for all of us to take advantage by fasting the blessed day of Arafa tomorrow (Monday, July 19th 2021) as it will expiate the sins of the past year and the coming year, Insha’Allah.

A further reminder to join us for Eid Al-Adha prayer on Tuesday (July 20th 2021) at:

The Minnreg Hall (6340 126th Ave N, Largo FL 33773)
Takbeerat start at 8:30 AM
Prayer starts at 9:00 AM sharp

Men, women and children are welcome.

All must adhere to COVID-19 precautions including wearing a mask at all times, social distancing at all times, and bringing your own prayer rug.

We will leave the facility immediately after the khutba, and there will be no breakfast served.

Eid Mubarak to all!