Friday prayer throughout the year at 1:00 PM.


Till Ramadhan

Insha Allah Sheik Saad will be giving short Khatirah every day after Salat-al Isha on various topics related to the fast approaching Ramadhan.

During Ramadhan

We will have following activities and more will be posted very soon Insha Allah.
– Alhumdulillah we will have Sheikh Eid Zaki from Egypt and Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Masri from Jordan who will spend the Ramadhan with us leading Taraweeh, other prayers and sharing their wealth of knowledge.
– Girls Taraweeh Club
– Question of the day competition, if you miss the question in taraweeh prayers please check the home page of this site.
– Babysitting will be available, please contact sister Nancy for more information on this subject.
– Community Iftar and Dinner, Please contact Br. Tareq Abu Ahmed to signup for the Iftar
– Fund raising events for the masjid and various other organizations.

ISPC Provides the Following Services to the Community


— Arabic-English Translation

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— Notary Public

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— Marriage

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— Speakers for Public Engagements

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— Burial According to The Sunnah

Skyway Memorial Gardens
5200 U.S. 19 North, Palmetto, FL 34221


— Interfaith dialogue

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— Sunday School Classes

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— Islamic Circle for Sisters

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