Friday prayer throughout the year at 1:00 PM.

Sunday School

In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful.

Alhumdulillah our spring semester of the Sunday school has completed in the month of May. Very soon we will be posting the graduation pictures on this site for your reference. Sunday school will stay close during the month of Ramadhan. Insha Allah the registration dates for new semester will be posted here.

We warmly welcome you to The Academy at ISPC Islamic Sunday School, for the academic year 2015. Our aim is to provide the up-coming generation of young Muslims with a firm grounding in their Deen. Insha’Allah, this will be accomplished by:

• Committing the Qur’an to memory
• Gaining the ability to recite the Qur’an authentically (with Ahkam Tajweed)
• Gaining the ability to access the Qur’an and Islamic texts independently through knowledge of Arabic Language
• Becoming well versed in the manners and morals of Islam, taught as part of Islamic Studies.

Our goal is to provide a once weekly, well-rounded Islamic education, balancing the needs of the individual child with the knowledge required to prepare them for an adulthood where their Deen (faith) can guide them in the Dunya (worldly life), Insha’Allah.

It is of utmost importance for us to establish a strongly positive association for the children with their Islamic Education, and we hope they will be enthusiastic to be part of a majority, Insha’Allah.

The new ISPC Academy Lower School operates on a specialized curriculum, catering to primarily Kindergarten and 1st grade aged students in the cottage at the rear of the Masjid grounds. The aim is to foster a love of Islam through a caring environment, sound knowledge base, and practice of Islamic manners and morals during class time. The Lower School functions as a family of brothers and sisters living Islam through daily routines that can be applied at home. Lesson matter is repeated in a variety of ways as the year progresses, to appeal to many learning styles and abilities. The students are taught memorization of Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic Studies each session.