EVENT: Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah @ ISPC – Fri, July 18th 2014

Please join us Friday July 18th, in welcoming our honorary guest Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah.
Friday Khutbah @ 1:00 PM
Topic: Founding Fathers of America and Islamic Thought (www.fiqhcouncil.org/node/18)

Friday Night Khatirah @ 9:45 PM
Topic: Finish Line – Maximizing the Last 10 Days of Ramadan
Please join us with family and friends to welcome him and benefit from his knowledge. He will give Friday Khutbah followed by ISPC fundraising

      • Friday evening Khatirah after Iftaar
      • Arrangements for Iftaar & dinner
      • Babysitting will be available

Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah is the Executive Director of the Fiqh Council of North America and Director Religious Affairs of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee. He received his Ph. D. (Theology and Religious Studies) from the University of Wales, U. K., He is Hafiz of al-Qur’an. He has authored many scholarly articles and several books on a variety of subjects. His books include the “Astronomical Calculations and Ramadan: A Fiqhi Discourse” and “A Study of Anthropomorphism and Transcendence in the Bible and Qur’an: Scripture & God in the Judeo-Christian & Islamic Tradition”.

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