Zakat-Al-Mal and Zakt-Al-Fitr

Assalam-o-Alykum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu.

This is a reminder for all of us about our obligations to pay Zakat-Al-Mal and Zakat-Al-Fitr as we come close to the end of the month of Ramadhan. We understand that sometimes it could be challenging to find the needy/deserving families in our community to distribute Zakat-Al-Mal and Zakat-Al-Fitr. We would like you to know that one of the many services Masjid Ebad AlRahman provides is the collection and distribution of Zakat-Al-Mal and Zakat-Al-Fitr.

Zakat-Al-Mal is distributed to qualified recipients including Orphans and Widows within our community. Donations will be accepted beyond Ramadhan.

Zakat-Al-Fitr is distributed to eligible needy families in our community and overseas (i.e. Syria etc).

    • It is $10 per each person in one’s household.
    • Deadline: 12midnight, Sunday, July 3rd, 2016 to allow for enough time for funds to be distributed before Salat al-Eid.
    • Donations received after deadline will be treated as general sadaqah.

Donations can be made payable to ISPC OR Islamic Society of Pinellas County.

To pay online via Credit Card or PayPal, click on the “Donate” button on the right side.

Mail checks to:
PO Box 494
Pinellas Park, FL 33780

Please write “Zakat-Al-Mal” OR “Zakat-Al-Fitr” on check memo or in the “Special Instructions” box on PayPal Review page. Donations to ISPC are 501(c)3 Tax Deductible.

May Allah accept from all of us. Ameen.

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