ISPC Sunday School starts on November 6th In Shaa Allah

Assalam-o-alykum wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu

Alhumdulillah ISPC (Masjid Ebad AlRahman) board is pleased to announce that our Sunday school will start In Shaa Allah this Sunday, 11/6/2016. We would like the parents who have completed the registration process by submitting the completed forms for their children to carefully read the details and follow the instructions listed below:

1st day of ISPC Sunday School: 11/6/2016.

Drop Off Policy: Please bring the kids to the Masjid for drop off between 9:30- 9:55 AM. There will be volunteers at the drop off location to check the children in and take them to the appropriate classes. Parents must leave the Masjid after the children have been checked in.

Monthly Fee: A fee of $25 per child is due on the first Sunday of each month. Parents must pay the fee at the check-in desk when dropping the children off. Fee for the first month is due this Sunday. Speak with Sunday school administrators if you need financial assistance in this regard.

Classes: Classes will start @ 10 AM with out any delay. Following is the complete schedule for the day.

  • Drop Off: 9:30 – 9:55 AM
  • Class 1: 10 AM till 11 AM
  • Recess/Light physical activity: 11 AM – 11:30 AM
  • Class 2: 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM
  • Practical/Simulated Learning: 12:15 PM – 12:30 PM
  • Dhuhr Prayers: As per ISPC Salat Calendar
  • Pick Up: 12:30-1PM

Pick Up Policy: We recommend parents to come pray Salat al Dhuhr @ the masjid with their children. After salat al Dhuhr, parents must formally sign off on the check out sheet to pick up their children.

Student Expectations: We expect the students to arrive on time, clean (Wudhu) and in modest attire. Boys should be in half or full sleeves shirt and full pants. Girls should wear hijab and modest clothes that cover their hands and legs. Respectful and good Muslim behavior is mandatory all the time towards all participants of Sunday school.

  • Inappropriate behavior will result in disciplinary action including verbal counseling, separation from group, issuance of disciplinary slip, meeting with parents and removal from the program in that order
  • Repeated tardiness (arrival after 10:AM) without a a valid reason for 3 times will result in removal from from the program
  • All absences should be notified in advance through email or a written note to teacher. 3 unexplained absences will result in removal from the program.

We encourage you to enroll your children in the Sunday school if you have not already completed the registration. Please use the online form for the same.
If you would like to volunteer and provide support in any shape or form for the Sunday school, please reach out to Dr. Mahmoud Elmezayen or Shaykh Saad.

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